IDesign award 2018 for Address Food hall

More than 1000 square meters Royal Address Food hall is amongst the largest restaurants I ever photographed. Surrounded with glass walls and been lit with different lightings in a variety of powers and color balances in several open stairs, subtly shaped a challenge in dynamic range and color control that could not be taken lightly.

First I decided to cover shadows by means of an overcoming  strobe, but this didn’t seem to be the wisest solution as I started to combine too many images in order to just make the first image, whereas the owners of the hall had been asking me to provide them with several shots from different points of view which describe the place magnitude and architectural aspects as well as variety of cuisines they offer, in less than five days. Being at the core of the project, I developed a better understanding of the light complexity and came up with the plan of shooting HDR in the dawn because it not only was the best time to balance ambient light with the outside sunlight but also the less crowded time for the restaurant with dozens of staffs.

All the shots was taken, manipulations was done and files had been sent to the print house. Billboards turn out to be very satisfying, project got nominated for the prestigious IDesign  award 2018 and is  officially the winner now. Congratulations to its owners, architects team and me at the end.

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