Mind-Body Balance

A few years ago when I had to postpone all the high intensity activity from athletics to photoshoots because of serious knee injuries I was suffering, going through series of knee surgeries seemed to be the last farewell to my athletic life. I couldn’t predict that going through the darkest stages of mentality as well as physical health can wind up with bringing my invigorated version to the surface.

The journey starts at the moment you start to cut down on all toxic thoughts. Everything gets in line and you will come up with all your abilities on the path of serenity. I am not a yogi and I did not pass any of those high intensity courses along with wise advices. These are just personal experiences that revitalized me through my path of balance both physically and mentally.

As the most effective source of escapism for me, my workout routine “fusion fitness”  is comprised of different fields and puts them into one effective workout routine. Yoga balancing and stretching, cardio as well as core conditioning through body-weight exercises as strength training, The result is improved strength, flexibility, and balance.

salute to every one who doesn’t stop


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