photography back stage

Behind the scene of shooting the athlete portfolio


Shooting with athlete @saeedsadabad went wonderful. We focused on calisthenics weight balance technics in which his strong core is illustrated as a powerful resistant fusion-fitness and calisthenics athlete. High intensity session took us 5 hours. The light pattern I came up with is designed in the way that shows his personality as a colorful happy person along with his sophisticated inner layers of mentality as well as his strong muscular body.

Using four heads, I have become capable of emphasizing on body outline and shapes. although we knew we are not going to shoot high speed actions, working with Elinchrom Ranger RX is always a good idea on set while shooting athletes. With rim lights in different color gels and fog machine to create more details on edges as well as less distracting ambient along with a sixty degree medium size beauty dish as the main light to abstain the fog being lit from the front side and to shed more focused light on his body, I managed to take this series of beautiful photos.

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