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The 10 Best Power Towers to Buy




The Best Power Towers to Buy

Which are the best power towers to buy in 2020?

In our opinion, power towers are the next best piece of home gym equipment, second only to power racks. 

Their compact design allows you to perform a variety of core exercises, like pull-ups, dips, and leg raises without taking up a whole bunch of space. 

So, if you’re looking for the best power towers to buy, you’ll find everything you need to know listed below. 

Here’s a list of the best power towers to buy. 


“Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.”


The Best Power Towers to Buy

The list of power towers and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various sources around the web.

These are the best power towers you can add to your home gym:


10. Yoleo Power Tower

Yoleo Adjustable Power Tower - Multi Function Pull up Station for Strength Training - Dip Stand Workout Fitness Bar - Push up Equipment of Home Gym Exercise
  • 【STABLE& STURDY】 Yoleo latest upgraded power tower...
  • 【COMFORTABLE& DURABLE】 Luxurious appearance and...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE& MULTI-FUNCTIONAL】 Just a workout...

The Yoleo power tower is constructed with heavy-duty steel and can support up to 220lbs. 

It has a 125cm curved base with four suction cups, one on each foot, and an anti-skid crossbar to reduce wobble and keep it firmly fixed in place.

To perform your exercises in comfort, the Yoleo power tower comes with thick foam padding on the elbow pads and back cushion, helping to reduce pressure on your joints and spine. 

It can be adjusted between six height levels, ranging from 150cm to 230cm, and is versatile enough to be able to perform exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raises, push-ups, and a whole lot more. 

The tower’s compact design takes up little space, which makes it suitable for the majority of rooms and garages. 


9. MaxKare Power Tower

MaxKare Power Tower Workout Dip Stand Pull Up Bar Station Professional Strength Training Fitness Equipment Durable & Stable for Home Gym
  • 【Stable & Safe】 U-shape base, non-shake with...
  • 【No Desoldering】 Mechanically executed with...
  • 【Comfortable & Supportive】 Elbow rest & backrest...

MaxKare has made a power tower that can support up to 380lbs, thanks to its U-shape base and heavy-duty steel frame. 

The multifunction power tower stands at 7.2″ tall and is best suited for users between 5.2″ – 6-6″.

With sweat-proof anti-slip patterned PPC handlebars and extra padded EPE wrapped in soft PU leather, you can be assured you’ll be supported during your workout. 

Exercises like dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, and push-ups are just some of the exercises you’ll be able to perform using this power tower. 

The MaxKare Tower is durable and easy to assemble, which is why we recommend it as one of the best power towers to buy right now. 


8. BangTong&Li Power Tower

BangTong&Li Power Tower Workout Pull Up & Dip Station Adjustable Multi-Function Home Gym Fitness Equipment
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: The solid power tower is made of...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: This dip stands can support many kinds...
  • 6 LEVELS TO ADJUST: The height of pull up bar can be...

BangTong&Li’s multifunction power tower is made from thickened heavy-duty steel and has high-density foam rubber grips, and armrests.

The tower can support up to 330lbs, and its height can be adjusted from 76.4″ to 84.3″. 

Using this power tower, you’ll be able to perform various muscle-building exercises like pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and leg raises, which all help to improve your overall physique and upper body strength. 

It’s robust, ergonomic, non-slip design allows you to focus 100% on exercise, without worrying about the tower wobbling or falling over. 


7. K KiNGKANG Power Tower

K KiNGKANG Power Tower Adjustable Height Multi-Function Home Strength Training Fitness Workout Station, T056
  • STABILITY: U style base, extended to 1.3M with...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Use for horizontal bar and parallel...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Humanized design with back cushion...

The next best power tower to buy is this adjustable multifunction tower from K KiNGKANG. 

Its made using high-grade heavy-duty steel and has a U shaped base with non-slip suction cup feet that provide high levels of stability. 

The tower comes with comfortable foam elbow pads and a back cushion, ensuring your spine and joints are protected during your exercise regime. 

It has six height options to choose from, weighs approximately 60.7lbs, and can support up to 330lbs. 

Train your back, arms, chest, shoulders, and abdominal muscles with his heavy-duty power tower. 


6. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower

HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station with Bench Adjustable Height for Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment , Dip Stands, Pull Up Bars, Push Up Bars, VKR
  • 【Multi-function Power Tower Exercise Equipment】It...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The removable weight bench and...
  • 【Solid Build Workout Tower】Heavy duty powder coated...

The Harison Multifunction power tower supports pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and leg raises, as well as a variety of other muscle-building exercises. 

You’ll be able to concentrate your training on core muscle groups like your back, while simultaneously building secondary muscle groups, like your biceps at the same time, by using the pull-up bar. 

Or, as this power tower also comes with a bench, you can incorporate chest and shoulder exercises as well to build your upper body strength. 

The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and non-slip feet take care of any stability issues, while its compact design saves space and can, therefore, be placed in any room or garage. 

Harison’s Multifunction power tower has four adjustable height settings and can support up to 500lbs. 



RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment Newer Version
  • 💪【Safety Locknut】In order to prevent the nut...
  • 💪【9 Levels of Height Adjustment】The height...
  • 💪【4 Levels Backrest Adjustment】The back cushion...

This power tower from RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE supports up to 330lbs, thanks to its sturdy, ergonomically designed, heavy-duty steel frame.

Its humanized design features high-quality PU pads for elbow protection and to reduce pressure on your spine, and also comes with nine height options between 58.5″ to 89″. 

The power tower can support all kinds of exercises, from pull-ups to dips, and push-ups to knee raises.

You won’t need to worry about stability, as it’s fitted with anti-slip rotatable suction feet, which can be adjusted and tightened to grip the ground tightly. 

And, it also comes with a safety lock nut, which once fitted, secures the power rack in place and prevents movement in case of vibration. 


4. Stamina Power Tower

Stamina Power Tower 1698
  • Pull-up station with multiple grip options
  • Dip station with adjustable height for push-ups
  • Padded loops for hanging leg raises; Padded cushion and...

The next best power tower to buy is by Stamina. 

This all-in-one solution offers users the ability to build a healthy and robust physique by performing several core exercises, like pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, and push-ups. 

Its compact, vertical design comes with multiple grip options and padded loops so you can perform hanging leg raises in comfort.

The dip bars can be adjusted up or down, and the power tower is fitted with anti-skid end-caps to stabilize it during your workout. 

If you’re looking for a simple, no-nonsense power rack that gets the job done, then you won’t go wrong with Staminas.


3. Golds Gym XR Power Tower

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower
  • Vertical Knee Raise Station; Step up and discover your...
  • Push Up Station; Get the most out of your push up...
  • Multi Grip Pull Up Station; Get a grip wide, narrow,...

The Golds Gym XR power tower is another great option if you like to keep things simple. 

It comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar, and a push-up and dip station, so you’ll be able to hit the majority of muscle groups in a single workout. 

The power tower has padded hand grips and thick foam elbow pads and back cushions, which will make performing laborious exercises much more enjoyable.

Use the multi-grip pull-up bar to build your back, biceps, and abs, while also growing your triceps, shoulders, and chest using the dip and push-up stations. 


2. Livebest Power Tower

Livebest Power Tower Heavy Duty Adjustable Pull Up Bar Tower Multi-Function Strength Training Dip Stand Workout Station Fitness Equipment for Home Gym …
  • Power tower is made of high quality squre tube steel...
  • Step-up and humanized design with comfortable back...
  • Our pull up bar tower can support many kinds of...

Livebest’s power tower supports up to 600lbs, thanks to its high-quality square tube steel frame. 

You can expect to find a comfortable back cushion and two elbow pads, made from high-quality thick foam, which will reduce pressure on your spine and decrease your risk of injury. 

Four non-slip rubber foot pads ensure the power tower remains stable during exercises, and you’ll be able to choose from 8 levels of adjustable height options. 

It supports up to 325lbs, weighs approximately 55lbs, and is easy to set-up, thanks to detailed assembly instructions included in the box. 

Enjoy various exercises like pull-ups, dips, and leg raises using this power tower from Livebest. 


1. Sportsroyals Power Tower

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment, 400LBS.
  • 💪【Multi Function】It is a multi-functional power...
  • 💪【Ergonomic Design】Humanized design with PU pads...
  • 💪【4 Gear Regulation Height】The height of pull up...

Sportsroyals’ power tower is built with a 14-gauge heavy-duty square steel frame and covered with a scratch-resistant powder-coat finish. 

Eight additional support points add even more stability, which helps it bear the weight of up to 400lbs.

You’ll get PU pads for elbow protection, padded foam back cushions, and angled armrests that are inclined toward the inside of the rack to prevent your arms slipping out during a set. 

The pull-up bars height can be adjusted from 68.7″ to 81.3,” and the back cushion comes with seven adjustable settings to secure the perfect distance. 

Push-ups, pull-ups, and dips are just a few of the main exercises you’ll be able to do with this power tower. 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best power towers to buy. 

As we previously mentioned, power towers are the best piece of home gym equipment you can buy, second only to power racks. 

The ones we’ve included on this list, provide everything you need to get back in shape or maintain what you’ve already built.

Stay strong! 

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Here’s a quick recap of the best power towers to buy:

  1. Sportsroyals Power Tower
  2. Livebest Power Tower
  3. Golds Gym XR Power Tower
  4. Stamina Power Tower
  6. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower
  7. K KiNGKANG Power Tower
  8. BangTong&Li Power Tower
  9. MaxKare Power Tower
  10. Yoleo Power Tower

What’s your favorite power tower? Leave a comment below.

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