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The 10 Best Weighted Vests to Buy




The Best Weighted Vests to Buy

Which are the best weighted vests on the market?

Weighted vests have exploded on to the fitness scene in a big way in recent years. 

Why? Well, they’re great for adding more resistance to your workouts and are ideal for building muscle, burning body fat, and increasing your overall endurance.

So, we thought we’d put together a list of the top ten best weighted vests to buy, so you can choose your favorite and start making those gains!

Here’s a list of the 10 best weighted vests to buy. 


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The 10 Best Weighted Vests to Buy

The list of weighted vests and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various sources around the web.

These are the 10 best weighted vests to buy: 


10. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness black Weighted Vest, 12 Lbs
  • CONSTRUCTION - Made with soft neoprene material for a...
  • VERSATILE - One size fits most. Burn more calories,...
  • FEATURES - Adjustable front belt for snug fit....

The Tone Fitness weighted vest weighs 12lbs and is made from a durable Neoprene material. 

It comes in one size that’s completely adjustable to accommodate most body shapes and is fitted with reflective strips for visibility during night time workouts. 

The x-shape design allows your arms to move freely, which makes it easy to perform overhead exercises and pull-ups. 

You can use this vest when walking, running, and exercising to increase calorie burn and lose body fat, and it’s available to purchase in black or blue. 


9. Bear KompleX Weighted Vest

Bear KompleX Weight Vest - Military Grade, Easily Adjustable, Gym Training Jacket with Heat Treated Steel Alloy Buckles for Strength & Crossfit Training, for Men & Women, Plates Sold Seperately
  • 🏆 CRUSH YOUR AT-HOME WORKOUTS: Weighted vests come...
  • 🏋️‍♂️PACK & BUILD: Enjoy adjustable shoulder...
  • 🙌 DOMINATE EFFECTIVELY: Our training plate carrier...

The weighted vest from Bear KompleX is made from Military Grade 1000D Cordura Nylon and comes with adjustable shoulder straps and elastic side straps to guarantee maximum comfort. 

The heat-treated steel Alloy buckles have a breaking load of 9kn (2023lbs of force), which allows for quick entry in and out of your vest. 

Bear KompleX has designed the vest with a water-resistant coating, so you don’t have to worry about sweating while wearing it, leaving you to focus on your workout. 

The vest is ideal if you’re looking to add some extra weight to your fitness regime, but also want to maintain freedom of movement. 


8. CAP Barbell Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell unisex-adult Barbell HHWV-CB020S Short Adjustable Weighted Vest, 20 lb., Short 20-Pound, Black
  • CONSTRUCTION: Made from reinforced nylon and polyester
  • COMFORT: Fully adjustable waist belt and padded...
  • WEIGHT: Adjust total weight by removing or adding...

CAP Barbell makes the next best weighted vest to buy. 

It’s available to purchase with 20-150lbs of weight and is constructed from reinforced Nylon and Polyester. 

The vest is fully adjustable and comes with padded shoulder straps, anchor hooks designed for parachute runs, and reflective strips for safety when exercising in the dark. 

The weights are removable and held in place by velcro pockets, so add or remove weight as you want.

If you’re looking to add some extra resistance to your body-weight training, that can be adjusted depending on your level of fitness and strength; then, the CAP Barbell weighted vest offers everything you need. 


7. ZFOsports Weighted Vest

ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • Premium features: Pocket for your phone/music devices
  • Water bottle holder, designed to fit all water bottles...
  • One size fits most

The ZFOsports weighted vest can be adjusted to hold between 30lbs – 80lbs and is designed to fit the majority of body sizes. 

It comes with pockets for your phone, keys and music devices, and a pocket on the front that can hold 16oz or smaller water bottles.

The vest comes with a velcro belt that makes securing it a breeze, and padded shoulders straps that can be adjusted to suit your preference. 

If you’re looking for a vest that can hold your house keys and phone while working out, then this is a great option. 


6. CROSS101 Weighted Vest

CROSS101 Camouflage Adjustable Weighted Vest Without Shoulder Pads (40)
  • Every items comes with weights included
  • Weights can be removed in all models
  • One size fits most

CROSS101 has designed a weighted vest that can handle between 20lbs – 80lbs and is available in two colors: Arctic Camo and Desert Camo. 

Weights can be added or removed easily to suit your workout goals, and the vest can accommodate most body shapes, thanks to its adjustable padded waist and shoulder straps.

You’ll also get pockets to hold your phone and music devices and a water bottle holder on the front.


5. miR Air Flow Weighted Vest

miR Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest, 20 lb
  • Machine washable - keep your vest clean at all times....
  • AIR FLOW DESIGN - Uses a hybrid material to keep your...
  • Adjustable - the weights are all removable, start light...

The Air Flow weighted vest from miR supports 20lbs – 60lbs of weight and is made from a hybrid material that increases airflow and regulates your body temperature during your workout. 

The vest is machine washable. Just remove the weights, throw it in the washer, and then into the tumble dryer, and your vest will be as good as a new. 

All the iron weights are entirely removable, so you can start your workouts light, and slowly increase the weight as your strength improves.

And, it can be adjusted using the straps on the bottom of the vest to accommodate your body shape. 


4. RUNMax Pro Weighted Vest

The next best weighted vest on the market right now is made by RUNMax.

It can hold between 12lbs – 60lbs and comes with cushioned shoulder pads and adjustable velcro waist straps, to allow for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Weights can be removed or added easily by lifting the velcro straps on the top of the weight packets and sliding the weights in or out. 

You’ll get a convenient phone pocket and water bottle holder mounted on the front of the vest, as well as the option to add additional shoulder pads if required. 

The vest has also been designed for maximum comfort by including packets on the front and back to support equal weight distribution. 


3. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (6 Pounds (2.72 KG))
  • Weights workout equipment is perfect for cardio and...
  • Aduro weighted vest adds extra resistance evenly to...
  • We designed Aduro weight vests for men, women or kids...

The Aduro Sport weighted vest is made from breathable Neoprene, supports weight from 4lbs – 30lbs, and can be adjusted using a chest buckle to achieve your perfect fit. 

It’s an excellent addition to your cardio and weight training routine, as it provides increased intensity and resistance, due to its balanced weight distribution that stays firmly in place during your workout. 

The vest has been designed to accommodate both male and female athletes and features a convenient mesh storage pocket on the back for your phone, keys, or music devices.


2. Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro Adjustable Weighted Exercise Vest, Comfortable Stretch Fabric, Thinnest Body Weight Vest for Men and Women, Includes 10 lbs steel weights, Total Weight Capacity 20lb (Small), Blk/Silver
  • Professional-grade weight vest based on a patented...
  • Comes with 10lbs of high-density steel weights with...
  • Thin profile provides full range of motion

Hyperwear has created a unisex weighted vest that’s made from Tyvek Lycra Nylon and comes with 10lbs of high-density steel weights, and, the option to add more weight if required. 

It’s the thinnest vest on the list and features odor-resistant stretch fabric and open sides that make it cool and comfortable to wear during a workout. 

The vest is also extremely adjustable, thanks to its side lacing.

This allows the vest to accommodate a variety of body shapes, as it can be adjusted to hug the body if you prefer a snug fit, or loosened off to be less restrictive. 

Each weight weighs 2.25 ounces and can be arranged across different pockets to adjust weight distribution according to your goals. 

The vest is best suited for walking, running, hiking, weight lifting, and high-intensity interval training. 


1. Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite Weighted Vest, Large 20 lb, Thin, Adjustable, Durable Cordura Fabric, Reflective Trim (Large)
  • MOST COMFORTABLE highest quality fully adjustable metal...
  • ADVANCED design based on Hyperwear patented technology...
  • THINNEST PROFILE with soft feel and comfort for a...

Hyperwear has created a unisex vest that comes with multiple weight options, such as 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. 

Similar to the pro version, the vest comes with adjustable lacing on both sides. It utilizes Hyperwear’s patented technology to hug your torso while removing stress from your shoulders during your workout. 

It’s been designed to be as thin and streamlined as possible and is made from soft Codura black fabric and features a reflective YKK zipper.

The vest is available in a variety of sizes and an ideal choice if you already like the Hyperwear Pro, but would like to add more weight to your exercises.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best weighted vests to buy. 

Seriously! Where have weighted vests been all this time?!

We’ve used them for a while now, for HIT workouts and calisthenics training, and they’ve made a massive difference to our endurance levels without a doubt.

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best weighted vests to buy:

  1. Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite
  2. Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro
  3. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest
  4. RUNMax Pro Weighted Vest
  5. miR Air Flow Weighted Vest
  6. CROSS101 Weighted Vest
  7. ZFOsports Weighted Vest
  8. CAP Barbell Weighted Vest
  9. Bear KompleX Weighted Vest
  10. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

What’s your favorite weighted vest? Leave a comment below.

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